Careers @ Nudle

At Nudle, we are always searching for new talents. We believe that everybody can be a good Nudler. By applying to Nudle, you open the doors to an incredible world of possibilities.
You will be working in teams with other Nudlers that will all empower you to the next level of creativity on cool innovative projects that matter. You like coding, cooking, designing, creating, brainstorming, biking, swimming, working, sleeping, clapping, laughing, walking, breathing or managing? You will love working in our new San Fransisco campus.

Ok, I will not gabbing more: you have free food at all time of the day. The Monday you will have no problem to take many donuts, after Wednesday, I will not promise you that there will be one left... But, there will be always sweets and gums! My favorite are licorice ones, but there are tons of different sort of sweet. In my 3 month intern, I didn't achieved to try them all! :/ If you are wondering about the drinking, no alcohol but all the existing sodas are available, promise. About the job, depending of your team, you will do like you want. We usually begin the day at 11. Coffee, tea, and then it's the time for lunch. After lunch, you do nap to digest. At 4 we boot the computer, surfing on the web, on Invite, or trying new Nudle products... Sometimes we have to write some code, or some shitty doc, directly on prod, they so don't care! :D Btw, apply to Nudle. EDIT: my boss came last week and we had to work all days all nights. Also the HR told me that they were a problem with my pay, wtf leave.

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